08/31/2018 Adults with Developmental Disorders


There’s No Place Like Home

That line from a famous movie is part of the spirit that is the essence of all we do at HopeWell. The importance of home and that feeling of living and being a member of your community is embodied in our day to day work.

For adults with developmental disabilities “living in the community” is not how life always has been. For many years, those with developmental disabilities lived in institutions where their quality of life was compromised. It was former Governor Michael Dukakis whose consent decree enabled thousands of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to move from state institutions back “home”.

At HopeWell, we work with approximately 30 adults with developmental disabilities who live in seven staffed homes across Boston. In partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services, we work to provide the highest quality of care for those we support to live their fullest lives. Their care and their lives is something we are passionate about. Their “home” gives them a sense of community that is evident by their daily activities.


From grocery shopping to games at Fenway Park, their sense of community is what we strive for in our day to day work. For our team and those we serve, at the end of every day, we know that going “home” matters.