01/19/2021 Care in Action


We were so grateful to receive this letter in the mail just before the holidays from two young boys who also sent along $60 for the purchase of gifts for children in foster care.

Eli and Jack are just 11- and 8-years old, but decided they wanted to do something this holiday season for families in need. So they asked their grandparents to donate whatever money they would have spent on holiday gifts for the boys to HopeWell instead.

“We talked with them about different organizations,” the boys wrote of their conversation with their grandparents. “And yours is one of the ones we chose. You look like a good source of help for people.”

Whether they are the children in care of our foster parents, or children like Eli and Jack who are learning about what it means to serve at such a young age, we are continually impressed with the resilience, resourcefulness, generosity, and creativity of young people!