Adults with Disabilities

We work with adults with disabilities as they pursue independence, live with dignity, and engage as full members of their communities.

Adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities share many of the same hopes and dreams as those who aren’t — meaningful work, a comfortable and secure home, good friends, and a loving family. When provided with the right combination of supports, skills training, and education, all of these goals are within their reach.

HopeWell supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in three main ways:

  1. We partner with adults who live on their own to support their independence and capacity to provide loving care to their children, if they are parenting.
  2. Our Shared Living program matches each individual with a local host family, who provide consistent learning opportunities in a safe, caring environment.
  3. For adults who need more support, we also run staffed community homes around metro Boston.


About Our Shared Living Program

No two adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are the same — which is why we get to know each individual’s strengths, needs, and interests to match them with a supportive host family. We want every living situation to truly feel like home.

Shared Living arrangements can be a key step toward increased independence and community inclusion. The program can help individuals master important self-care tasks, such as using public transportation, shopping, managing finances, and other critical aspects of daily living. HopeWell empowers each individual we support to inform and guide their own service plans, goal-setting, and decision-making.

Shared Living host families create safe home environments, assist with daily routines and activities, and receive supervision and training from experts at HopeWell.

Make a Difference

Learn more about becoming a Shared Living host family

We provide our Shared Living host families with supportive supervision and training to help them address any challenges that arise.

About Our Staffed Community Homes

HopeWell’s staffed apartments in metro Boston serve adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who need more support than what we provide in Shared Living. The intensity of support ranges on the needs of the individual, but all apartments provide around-the-clock care from our dedicated staff.

In our staffed community homes, we support each person as they develop the skills needed to live as independently as possible, including:

  • Preparing simple meals
  • Having bank accounts and developing money management skills
  • Maintaining their own personal hygiene and ongoing regular health care
  • Building and sustaining relationships in their community