Kelsey Martin, Family Support & Stabilization Clinician

At HopeWell, I have the privilege of serving my passion population at an agency that values quality of care as the ultimate priority. I can truly feel that the leadership team cares about us and invests in our growth. They show this by offering benefits like tuition reimbursement and maintaining a positive workplace culture. In our office, we care about our kids and their success. I feel like everyone is sincere. HopeWell has also helped my professional growth. When it was time to obtain my license, my supervisor heard and met my need.

Jason Brierley, Social Worker

A former colleague advised me to apply for the Social Worker role at HopeWell. What I enjoy most about working here is that HopeWell treats their staff like family. They listen. I appreciate that I can approach any member of the executive leadership team just to say hello and ask how they are doing. HopeWell is exceptional in the activities they organize for foster parents and children. We take our families to theme parks, movie events, and cookouts. I enjoy working with all of our foster parents and it makes me especially happy to see parents grow and become more autonomous during our time working with them. HopeWell has also supported my professional development in so many ways. I have learned so much from the training opportunities that HopeWell makes available. I have attended seminars on everything from college readiness for foster youth or anti-drug use and gang awareness. I have felt so supported throughout my eight years here at HopeWell.

Kathy Polk, Family Support and Stabilization Clinician

I was a foster parent for many years and adopted my two boys from my fostering experience. I had about 50 youth become a part of my home at some point or other and understand the foster parent experience. That is what led me to HopeWell. HopeWell is special because of all of the support we offer foster parents and kids. We hold so many events for our families and coordinate a step-up program for our kids. Similarly, HopeWell supports the needs of its employees. Our leadership team is great at communicating and providing us with the information we need to succeed in our roles. The training opportunities at HopeWell are phenomenal. My greatest day at HopeWell was the day I was hired! I always talk very highly about my role and love working here.

Ana Grullon, Program Director

I have always known that I wanted to work with kids. I have worked for many other agencies, but HopeWell is truly special. Here at HopeWell, we are innovative, we are always growing and trying to see how to do things better. We are truly a learning organization and I value the creative training opportunities. HopeWell has helped me obtain my master’s degree through its tuition reimbursement program and maintain my continuing education units. Through all of the learning opportunities, I have been able to move through the organization from a Social Worker to a Family Resource Supervisor, and finally to a Program Director. I love working for HopeWell and always have. It feels like a family.

Staci Jackson, Clinical Supervisor

I had always pictured myself doing outpatient clinical therapy, so I had some reservations about doing in-home family stabilization. After jumping into the work, however, I fell in love with it and never looked back. In addition to family stabilization work, I love being able to teach and lead training opportunities for staff. One of my favorite moments at HopeWell was the privilege of attending an adoption after months of family stabilization work with a particular family. After the adoption, the family presented me with a plaque, titled, “Our Adoption Day.” I felt like a part of their family throughout the entire process. HopeWell is also special because staff are more than just co-workers. Everyone is so supportive of one another. We have helped each other through personal and professional challenges, just as a family does.

Shawne Blake, Clinical Supervisor

I have been part of the HopeWell team for 30 years. In college, I majored in film and thought I would pursue a career as a writer. My second job out of college, however was in the Human Services field and I have been a part of it ever since. HopeWell is special in the way it has invested in their employees and encourages them to advance through learning and development opportunities. I enjoy the communication from the executive leadership team and appreciate that I am privy to the strategic plan and process. As an organization, we are progressive, encouraging others to be innovative and maintain an emphasis on community.

What You Will Experience

AhealthyMe Program

A healthy organization requires healthy staff. Our AhealthyMe program promotes “earning while burning.” Receive cash back rewards when you reach program goals.

Education and Training

HopeWell is a learning organization. That means we provide ongoing opportunities for professional learning, training, and development. We also offer an Education Program that assists with paying down student loans.

The Community Spot

Part of being an employer of choice means engaging and connecting with our staff. The Community Spot is a place for staff to gather virtually to connect, encourage and learn from one another. Like an invigorating shot of espresso, this is exactly the spot to go for a boost of upbeat conversation.

HR Hub Newsletter

Sharing is caring! Keep up with news from the HopeWell community with HR Hub, our Human Resources newsletter. The Hub includes resources for success, information about upcoming events, HR humor and more!

Recognition and Reward Program

We see you! Our Recognition and Reward program includes staff spotlights, tenure celebrations for staff who reach employment milestones, and recognition for those who amplify our values.

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