Family Support & Stabilization

We intervene upstream by teaming up with families to stay together.

Families in crisis are often facing real-world stressors, such as poverty. But the right combination of supports when they need it most can help build bridges to brighter days.

Through our Family Support & Stabilization program, we provide intensive in-home supports to families involved with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) who are working to maintain or regain custody of their children. We provide services to alleviate the crises that brought them there, so that more families can stay intact and fewer children are placed into foster care.


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This year, we supported
more than 1,200 children and family members
across Massachusetts through our
Family Support & Stabilization program.


How it Works

Our Family Support & Stabilization program works with families who are at risk of having their children removed from their home due to possible abuse or neglect. The program also provides services to families who have lost custody of their children and are actively working toward reunification.

The goal is to keep families intact and on a positive path through a combination of crisis intervention, family counseling, and referrals to community services.

Family Support & Stabilization Clinicians are trained in the ARC (Attachment, Regulation, Competency) model and leverage evidence-based approaches. Clinicians work side-by-side with families to:

Navigate the effects of trauma

Recognize strengths

Practice effective parenting skills

Engage in problem-solving

Make progress toward goals