Massachusetts Foster Care Survey

A survey examining public awareness and perceptions of foster care in Massachusetts

At any given moment, there are around 400,000 children experiencing foster care in the United States — and 8,000-9,000 of them are here in Massachusetts. But with only about 5,500 licensed foster parents statewide, we’re facing a hard truth: not every child who goes through the trauma of being removed from their home will have a safe, loving foster home readily available. More foster parents are needed in Massachusetts.

As the largest nonprofit provider of comprehensive foster care in the state, HopeWell is leading this charge. We believe that to work toward effectively solving this challenge, we need to first understand it. That is why HopeWell commissioned a statewide survey of Massachusetts residents on the topics of foster care and foster parenting. What does the public know about foster care? What misconceptions are floating around out there? What are the barriers to people becoming foster parents?


About the Survey

Survey respondents were Massachusetts residents ages 25-64 and mirrored statewide demographics, such as gender, race/ethnicity, religion, political views, and more. The survey found a widespread lack of familiarity with foster care in Massachusetts — at the outset, less than half of respondents could identify the correct definition of foster care.

However, once people were provided with information about what is asked of foster parents and what supports are available, interest in becoming a foster parent grew by more than 60 percent! Among those who had never fostered before, more than one-third said they would very seriously or somewhat seriously consider becoming a foster parent. If this were expanded statewide, and if even a fraction of people who became more willing to foster took the next step, the state’s shortage of foster parents would be solved — and every child experiencing foster care in Massachusetts would have a safe, loving place to go when they need it most.

Press Release
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Survey Results

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HopeWell on WCVB 5 Boston

HopeWell President & CEO Shaheer Mustafa sat down with Karen Holmes Ward of WCVB 5 Boston to share results from our statewide survey on foster care, address some common misconceptions people have about fostering, and encourage more Massachusetts residents to consider becoming foster parents.  



Become a Foster Parent

HopeWell's foster parents help change the world, one child at a time. With 60 years of experience guiding us, we are happy to answer your questions, explain the process, and provide specifics about the supports we provide our amazing community of foster parents.