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My First Place™

For the more than 25,000 young people across the United States who transition out of foster care into adulthood each year, the future can be perilous and uncertain. Having gone without the consistent support of family to guide them in developing life skills and building a foundation for success, foster kids too often fall prey to homelessness, unemployment, and poverty.

  • 40% of former foster kids will experience homelessness
  • 25% will be arrested or incarcerated
  • 54% will drop out of high school
  • Fewer than 5% will earn a bachelor’s degree

However, with the right support, more is possible for foster kids. At HopeWell, we help foster kids beat the odds. Our programs provide vulnerable young people with the tools they need to reach their full potential in school, work, and life.

My First Place™ is a nationally-recognized education and employment program that employs housing and intensive case management to support youth in developing the skills they need for a successful transition to self-sufficiency. Developed nearly two decades ago by First Place for Youth, a California-based nonprofit, My First Place has a strong track record of supporting at-risk foster youth at a critical time in their lives when they need to learn to support themselves. We believe that having a safe place to call home is a stabilizing factor that enables youth to focus on their education and employment goals, build community, and establish a foundation for long-term success in independent living.

Our program is delivered by a team of program staff—consisting of a Youth Advocate, an Education and Employment Specialist, and a Housing Specialist—who support each young person to identify, plan for, and work towards achieving their personal long-term goals in education, employment, housing, and healthy living. Currently working with youth who have aged out of foster care in Greater Boston, we support youth as they pursue their education and employment goals while offering rent-free housing in shared apartments for the duration of their time in program.

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