Young Adults (My First Place™)

We support young adults who are "aging out" of foster care as they launch into adulthood.

Young people often face uncertainty as they enter adulthood — and this is especially true for youth who are “aging out” of foster care without the support of a permanent family. In Massachusetts alone, 600-900 young people age out of the foster care system each year.

About Our My First Place™ Program
My First Place™
is a nationally-recognized program that is specially designed to support the needs of young people aging out of the foster care system at a pivotal time in their lives. It was first developed two decades ago by First Place for Youth, a California-based nonprofit.

My First Place™ provides shared rent-free apartments to ensure a safe, stable foundation — and supports each youth as they focus on their education and employment goals.

Our team of staff — including Youth Advocates, Education and Employment Specialists, and Housing Specialists — work to ensure each youth has the tools they need to reach their full potential in school, work and life, including individualized case management, weekly meetings, and evidence-based approaches to guide practice.

Our My First Place™ program currently works with youth who are aging out of foster care in both the Greater Boston and Greater Springfield, MA areas.

My First Place™ Greater Boston
Program Director: Rebeccah Tibert
Phone: 617-318-5176

My First Place™ Greater Springfield
Program Director: Yeisie Mateo
Phone: 413-650-2676

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