Lisa's Story

Lisa’s Story

Helping kids experiencing foster care feel comfortable

Lisa was 19-years-old when her mother started taking in children who needed a foster home. So it seemed only natural for Lisa to continue with the family tradition.

Lisa explains, “My daughter was 13 and I thought it would be great for her to have a sister or brother. So I started foster parent training.”

In June of 2012, Lisa welcomed the first child into her home — a little boy. A week later, she learned she was pregnant. Since then, Lisa, a single parent, has helped over 30 children who needed a safe home.

“Right now, my son is eight and I have a foster son who is nine. It’s wonderful,” says Lisa.

Lisa explains that helping a child who has been placed in her care feel comfortable quickly is an important part of being a successful foster parent. “I get ready to welcome a new child by finding out all I can about them before they arrive,” she says. “I’ll read up on what their favorite color is, what types of animals they like. If they like dinosaurs, I might get them a dinosaur comforter set for their bed.”

As time goes on, Lisa takes the kids on road trips. They listen to Caribbean music together. They experience things they may not have in the past. Lisa tries to help each child build confidence, while reinforcing that they are safe.

She is grateful for the relationships she has been able to develop with so many children over the years. And Lisa wants any potential foster parent to know that it can be a very rewarding experience for both the parent and the child.

“I let the children know they are special and smart. Many of my kids experienced severe neglect. I ask them to clean their room and make their bed. They need to be ready for school on time every day. They learn they can do these things and they are happy with themselves for succeeding. “